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Complete Construction Services Hawaii will be unwavering in its commitment to quality construction, customer service and efficient scheduling. We will meet the unique needs of each client and project while maintaining competitive pricing. Our goal is to produce the most durable and well built customer homes, residential renovation projects and light commercial construction projects in the State of Hawaii.


Complete Construction Services has a simple philosophy: take care of our clients needs and they will provide the foundation for future work. We are in this for the long haul, not the quick buck. CCS does not advertise; instead we rely on our reputation and our references to provide us with our work. To this day people we performed work for years ago still act as enthusiastic references for us. Our best sales people are our clients because they know how committed we are to the success of their construction project

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Making sure we stay focused on client satisfaction is the number one priority for the future. While it is a goal to continue to grow as a company, that growth can’t compromise our commitment to our clients. CCS has no aspirations to become the biggest Contractor, but we want to be known as the best. We want to continue building upon our strong reputation in the residential construction field, while also expanding further into commercial construction. Our great employees and enthusiasm as a team will be our building blocks for the continued success of Complete Construction Services.

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